Getting it Together

Getting it Together

Hello World! lol My name is Gigi Johnston and I'm a ceramic, fiber, resin, and digital artist. Also a jack of all trades. I have an AAA in Studio Arts from NVCC '16. I'm a former ceramic work/study, studio assistant, production potter, youth and adult pottery teacher. I'm also self-taught in kitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, macrame, embroidery, jewelry making, digital art, beading, resin and gardening. I'm also a homesteading enthusiast, corgi parent, adventurer and lover of all thinks creepy, cute and pink. 

I was going to begin trying to transition to making a full time living off of my own art in 2020, but I probably don't really need to go into what stalled all that. In February 2021 my husband and I packed up our 2 dogs and everything we owned and left Washington, DC for Portland, OR. In Summer of 2021 I rented out my own studio space and started working on figuring out my own style. In Summer of 2022 I was able to put together my own garage studio. Since everything has opened up again I've done a few small markets and am working my way into bigger ones. 

This summer I have 4 markets I plan to attend:

Upcoming Market Schedule Summer 2023
♡ 6/17Welcome Market @ Urbanite
♡ 7/24 Beelzebubs Bazarr PDX @ Kenton Club
♡ 7/29, 7/30 Ghosts of Summer PDX @ Oregon Convention Center
♡ 8/6 Market for the Strange Salem @ Salem Convention Center
♡ 8/19 Welcome Market @ Urbanite

Urbanite markets are located at 1005 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 11am-4pm each day.
Beelzebubs Bazarr is located at 2025 N Kilpatrick St, Portland, OR (times tba)
Market for the Strange is located at 189 Liberty St NE, Salem, OR 11am-6pm

Come out if you can!

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